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I'm looking into gyp & gypi files in chromium. What's the role of cflags and ldflags?

What does below code mean?

 'cflags': '<!@(<(pkg-config) --cflags gstreamer-0.10)',

 'ldflags': '<!@(<(pkg-config) --libs-only-L --libs-only-other gstreamer-0.10)',
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I had to study about makefile. and found :

cflags - this is used to set environment variable and configuration option for C compiler
ldflag - flag for ld linker

and there are other flags as below :

ARFLAGS - for ar achiver
ASFLAGS - for as assembler
CXXFLAGS - for c++ compiler
COFLAGS - for co utility
CPPFLAGS - for C preprocessor
FFLAGS - for Fortran compiler
LFLAGS - for lex
PFLAGS - for Pascal compiler
YFLAGS - for yacc
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