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I'm trying to add a context-menu directive to a dynamically created SVG element.

In an AngularJS Controller, I define my svg as follows:

var svg = d3.select("#svg-canvas").append("svg")
    .attr("width", 100)
    .attr("height", 100)
    .style("pointer-events", "all")

Later on, I appended a rectangle to it as below. Note that, I add an attribute of "ng-context-menu", my AngularJS directive.

.attr("x", 35)
.attr("y", 15)
.attr("width", 20)
.attr("height", 20)
.attr("ng-context-menu", "")
.style("fill", "gray");

I add this code, after the DOM is loaded, thus, this code is not compiled with AngularJS. This means that context-menu is not binded to the element.

I add the full working code in JSFiddle, in case you want to check :)

Do you have any suggestions to make it work? Do I need to create a directive for it?

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You can inject $compile service and used it to compile #svg-canvas.


Checkout your updated JSFiddle

If you want to compile any d3 element, use


You can find it here JSFiddle (but be aware, that in this snippet actually the 'g' element is compiled, not the whole svg)

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GrizzlyNetch, thank you for your reply. They both work. However, when I want to go into the menu, the menu disappeared. Do you have any idea to fix this problem? –  ankakusu Jul 2 '14 at 11:33
Well...You have it in the directive in mouseleave event. Check this one: jsfiddle.net/aZB5F/6 I've commented out the mouseleave event handler :) –  JakubKnejzlik Jul 2 '14 at 13:02
Thanks @JakubKnejzlik I solved my issue as well following ur suggestion –  Max Feb 12 at 9:34

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