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I want to pass the selected item's $id to my controller for doing changing on it .

it's my index.blade.php (view)code

 @foreach($posts as $p)

  <td>{{HTML::link('posts_show',' Preview',array($p->id))}}</td>

but it doesnt pass $id to my controller's methods.

thanks for your time.

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You need to show us your route and controller files. –  The Shift Exchange Jul 2 '14 at 11:26

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What you need to do is to set route parameter. Your route should be like that.

 Route::get('posts_create',  function (){  return View::make('admin.newPost'); });

If you want to use named route {{ Form::open(array('url' => route('posts.edit', $p->id))) }}, you need to set name like that.

 Route::post('posts_edit/{id}', array('uses' => 'postController@edit', 
'as' => 'posts.edit'));

You can check routing in laravel official documentation.


For now, your form in view look like that.

{{ Form::open(array('url' => route('posts.edit', $post->id), 'method' => 'POST')) }}

In route,

Route::post('posts_edit/{id}', array('uses' => 'postController@edit', 
'as' => 'posts.edit'));

In PostController,

public function edit($id)
    // do something

I hope it might be useful.

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Thank you so much for your good explanation about "route" property . but my main problem exists again –  saha Jul 5 '14 at 5:55
You mean you can't access $id in your controller yet. –  Arkar Aung Jul 5 '14 at 7:39
I use your second solution ('Form....route..') for all of them . instead of using mine {{HTML ....}}. and it works now :). I really dont know what is my problem with that . but it's working with this and it's enough to me . thanks alot man –  saha Jul 5 '14 at 8:13

Looks like your route has a name posts.destroy, if that is the case you should use route instead of url as a parameter


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I did it but gave me this error:Route [posts.destroy] (or anything else) not defined. (View: \myBlog\app\views\posts\index.blade.php) .I dont know why but whenever I used route or link_to_route I had the same problem –  saha Jul 3 '14 at 5:33

it's my route:

 Route::get('posts_create',  function (){  return View::make('admin.newPost'); });

it's my postController:

class postController extends BaseController{

public function show($id){
    return View::make('posts.show')->with('post',$post)->with('date',$date);

public function edit($id){

        return Redirect::route('posts.index');
return View::make('posts.edit')->with('post',$post);

public function update($id){
    return Redirect::route('posts.index');


public function destroy($id)
    return Redirect::route('posts.index');
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