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I am trying to render follwing code in JEditor Which is working fine in chrome and Mozile browser but not in EditorPane.

<html><body>In the given figure, ABCD is a quadrilateral 
in which BD = 10 cm, AL <SPAN>^</SPAN> BD, 
CM <SPAN style=\"FONT-FAMILY:Symbol\">^</SPAN> 
BD such that AL = 4 cm and CM = 6 cm. 
Find the area of quadrilateral ABCD.<BR>
<IMG align=middle </body></html>

Relacing tags with Unicode working fine but i want to display it using Tags.

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As suggested here, "Support for HTML in Swing Components is limited to 3.2…" –  trashgod Jul 2 at 13:06
@trashgod : Yes agree.But JavaFX support HTML-5 and this is not working in JavaFX too. –  naren_rana Jul 3 at 8:47

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