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I am trying to predict a model calculated by autoKrige to new_data.

In my case, new_data are the cells of a raster, computed in R package raster.

autoKrige will not predict to my raster:

afvg1 <- autoKrige(Sand~x+y, sand2utmOGR, 
                   model = c("Sph", "Exp", "Gau", "Ste"), new_data=rasta2)

Error in (function (classes, fdef, mtable)  :
unable to find an inherited method for function ‘is.projected’ for signature "RasterLayer"’

How do I convert my raster to a format that autoKrige can use for prediction?

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Can you make a fully reproducible example? –  Spacedman Jul 2 at 11:34
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At a guess... for some raster r, make SpatialPoints, use that for new_data, feed predictions back into the raster.

nd = as(r,"SpatialPoints")
fvg1<-autoKrige(blah blah, new_data=nd)
r[]=(predictions from fvg1) 

I'll make my answer cut-n-paste runnable when your question is.

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