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Can anybody please help me regarding following issue:

I plan adding new protocol to existing Linux kernel. My doubt is how to find out sk_buff structure size before allocating memory using skb_alloc() call

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There's no such thing as skb_alloc. I assume you actually mean to call alloc_skb or dev_alloc_skb. The size argument given to alloc_skb is the buffer size you want to allocate along with it. You don't need to calculate the size of the sk_buff structure, alloc_skb already knows that. In other words, if you plan on receiving a max ethernet frame (1518 bytes), you probably want something like this:

skb = alloc_skb(1536, GFP_KERNEL);

That allocates an sk_buff structure and an associated buffer of 1536 bytes. The actual buffer area is at "skb->data".

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Thanks for comment gil Hamilton My doubt is how header size for mac(ieee 802.11p) –  user2944178 Jul 3 at 9:13
Perhaps this QA is similar / helps? stackoverflow.com/questions/11169961/… –  kaiwan Jul 5 at 5:05
Thanks for all posting comments –  user2944178 Jul 10 at 9:29
sizeof(struct sk_buff)

or if you're using pointer to sk_buff

sizeof(struct sk_buff)
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