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I have a single questionnaire layout. Is it possible that when I hit next, a transition effect occurs? Without changing anything in particular, just the animation effect to play as an illusion that the user went to the next question.

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please be more specific regarding what type of animation you're looking for (alpha, translate, etc). Also, please post code & layout pertaining to the component(s) you wish to animate. –  Gil Moshayof Jul 2 at 11:52
Im looking for a transition effect, just like the one when you change between layouts, I want when I click a button the transition to happen, but in the same layout, without changing anything.. I want to know if it is possible and what should i search for. –  user3780144 Jul 2 at 11:54
there can be many "transition effects". you could do a swipe transition, a fade transition, etc. also, it's very difficult to help if you don't show anyone what your code / layout looks like. –  Gil Moshayof Jul 2 at 12:01
A swipe animation that would be. I can't upload any code.. I need the whole layout to swipe animation, what should I search for? –  user3780144 Jul 2 at 12:25

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// this animation will move the animation outside to the left.
TranslateAnimation exitAnimation = new TranslateAnimation(0, -exitingView.getWidth(), 0, 0);
exitAnimation.setAnimationListener(new TranslateAnimation.AnimationListener() {

    public void onAnimationEnd(Animation animation) 
public void onAnimationRepeat(Animation animation) { }

public void onAnimationStart(Animation animation) { }



// ... create an animation for the entering view similar to above.

This should get you started.

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