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I am trying to run the following program (inspired from the sample project). I want to access the loveCount_{{post.uid}} span element and increment it by one whenever favorite is tapped.

      hidden?="{{show == 'favorites' && !post.favorite}}">
      <img src="../images/{{post.avatar}}.svg" width="70" height="70">
      <p class="loveCount"><span id="loveCount_{{post.uid}}">{{post.loveCount}}</span></p>

  handleFavorite: function(event, detail, sender) {
  var post = sender.templateInstance.model.post;

  if(post.favorite) {
    //hardcoding uid = '1', just to check if its working, but its not!
  this.$.service.setFavorite(post.uid, post.favorite);


Any idea where I am doing wrong?

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Do I need to use data binding here? – Vikas Singhal Jul 2 '14 at 12:03
Apart from Jeff's answer, which is the correct way to solve your poroblem: With ShadowDom there is no need to manually create a unique id. If you have only one span you can safely name it loveCount because it is encapsulated inside that instance and won't conflict with any other post-card instance – Ümit Jul 2 '14 at 19:21
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I think you're thinking about it the wrong way; as you suggest in your comment, data binding is the answer.

There are a few different places in which you could wire the data binding together; a very straightforward approach would be to define a loveCount property on each <post-card>, display that value in the <template> for <post-card>, and then increment the value in the favoriteTapped handler.

You can see the changes on lines 50, 55, and 63 of this gist.

More in keeping with the example, you might want to define loveCount as a property of each item the posts.json file that gets read in, or deal with displaying loveCount from within the template at <post-list>. There are lots of ways you could structure things, and it really depends on your use case.

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Thanks Jeff, +1 for the Gist :) – Vikas Singhal Jul 3 '14 at 5:00

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