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I am very new to KendoUI and want to implement a Collapsible list that was built using JQMobile . I have searched through the net but didn't find any thing like collapsible list KendoUI . Is there any equivalent of Collapsible list in JQMobile to KendoUI.Also can anyone suggest some good tutorials to get started with except the official ones

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Kendo Mobile doesn't have an equivalent widget, but collapsible panels are really easy to implement yourself with a few lines of Javascript, or you could use the Kendo Web PanelBar widget. It just won't have mobile "native looking" styling by default, but you could put the Kendo Mobile ListView widget inside a Kendo Web PanelBar, then you would only have to fix the styling of the PanelBar's header element.

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Thank you. I also came to know the same .If Panels are to be used for collapsible then what is the Jquery equivalent of the panels? –  user2221214 Jul 3 at 5:01

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