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I have little experience in VS and I don't really know what is wrong with my code here:

public static DataTable BindStudentsearchList(int FeeDate, int IsArcive)
        SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection(Global.getconnection());
        SqlCommand cmdnew = new SqlCommand();
        cmdnew.CommandText = "SELECT A.Studentid,A.Name,F.FeeDate,F.Fee FROM tbl_Student A inner join tbl_Fee F on A.StudentId= F.fkStudentId where FeeDate= "+ FeeDate +"  and A.IsArcive=0";
        cmdnew.Connection = cn;
        DataTable dts = new DataTable();
        SqlDataAdapter das = new SqlDataAdapter();
        das.SelectCommand = cmdnew;
        return dts;

public void bindUsersearchGrid()
    DataTable DataTable = new DataTable();
    grdFeeDetail.DataSource = BindStudentsearchList(Convert.ToInt32(txtSearch.Text), 0);

private void btnDailyFee_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

The error is : Input string was not in a correct format

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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What line is throwing the error? We'll need more details to help you. The only string that you have shown is your cmdnew.CommandText, and that looks fine with a cursory glance. –  krillgar Jul 2 at 12:23
Use a parameterised query... ps Feedate is a really bad name for an integer... –  Tony Hopkinson Jul 2 at 12:27
Because you are not telling us, I'm going to assume it's Convert.ToInt32(txtSearch.Text) because you don't have a valid number in txtSearch. –  GSerg Jul 2 at 12:29
This line-- grdFeeDetail.DataSource = BindStudentsearchList(Convert.ToInt32(txtSearch.Text), 0); –  Kapil Kaushal Jul 2 at 12:31
i want to search that student, which submitted Fee on Date.. –  Kapil Kaushal Jul 2 at 12:37

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grdFeeDetail.DataSource = BindStudentsearchList(Convert.ToInt32(txtSearch.Text), 0);

Convert.ToInt32 will throw a FormatException if the string is not parsable as an integer. You say that txtSearch.Text will contain a string representation of a date. That cannot be parsed as an integer.

If your DB column is a date, then FeeDate should be a DateTime, and you need to use DateTime.Parse or Convert.ToDateTime instead of Convert.ToInt32.

Your example input of "21/6/2014" looks like a correct date in most parts of the world. Since you're getting a FormatException with it, your machine may be set to a culture that does not recognize "dd/m/yyyy" as a valid date format. There are overloads of DateTime.Parse, DateTime.ParseExact, and Convert.ToDateTime that allow you to specify format or culture info.

Also, even though FeeDate is an integer and less vulnerable to SQL injection, it's still a good habit to use a parameterized query rather than concatenating strings:

            cmdnew.CommandText = "SELECT A.Studentid,A.Name,F.FeeDate,F.Fee FROM tbl_Student A inner join tbl_Fee F on A.StudentId= F.fkStudentId where FeeDate=@feeDate  and A.IsArcive=0";
            cmdnew.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@feeDate", FeeDate));
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i tried it but error is occur... –  Kapil Kaushal Jul 2 at 12:53
Input string was not in a correct format –  Kapil Kaushal Jul 2 at 13:03
value is 21/6/2014 –  Kapil Kaushal Jul 2 at 13:12
Then what do you think Convert.ToInt32("21/6/2014") is going to do? I've updated my answer based on this. –  pmcoltrane Jul 2 at 13:13
i tried it but also occure a error and i did tried convert.ToDatetime() then its time error is String was not recognized as a valid DateTime. –  Kapil Kaushal Jul 2 at 13:19

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