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Fancybox adds the class of the type to the fancybox-wrap div.

Like, when it's an image, it gets fancybox-type-image

I'd like to add the error class too, when there's an error (ie. the image doesn't load), so it gets the class fancybox-type-error.

Why? My images have titles. When an image fails to load, I don't want to show a title. That's why I need to give the upper parent div the fancybox-type-error class, so I can target the title and hide it. Check for more clarification. Click the last Eiffel Tower image. I need that title gone! :p

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You could use the tpl API option to add your custom class to the fancybox html structure. In the case of the error message you could do :

    tpl: {
        error: '<p class="fancybox-error myClass">I want to display a different error meesage here.</p>'

Notice that I also added myClass to the <p> element, apart from changing the error message's content.

Then you can use regular css rules to style your error message like

.myClass {
    color: #f80000;
    background-color: #00bbbb;
    font-size: 20px;
    font-style: italic


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I have done that already, indeed. But I have to target the parent div. All my images have titles. But when an image fails to load, I want to hide the title. I can only do that if the parent div has a fancybox-type-error class for example. For more clarification, see and check the last Eiffel Tower, I want to hide that title. – Don Munter Jul 3 '14 at 7:09

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