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I am trying to boot a linux image 64 using uboot. I managed to compile the linux kernel but now I can not seem to find a way to make a arm64 uImage ( I have found only the arm option) From what I gathered so far I saw that arm64 is rather new and Ubuntu tends to have old packages ( for stability or something ).

What I would like is to find some updated package for u-boot-tools or a way to compile from source.

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Source for u-boot-tools is in DENX u-boot git repository, tools/ directory. Build instructions are in README and/or separate google search.

In git history (e.g. common/image.c) I see "arm64: core support" came in 2013-12-13, hence would be in u-boot release v2014.01 and later. Looks like it would be absent from debian wheezy, but present in jessie and later.

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