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When exporting an ePub book in pandoc, using Markdown with multiple files and trying to set the very first thing in the book to be a full page image with the cover, the output ePub creates an empty page, and after it the image page, leaving the cover on the second page.

Here is what my command line looks like to export to ePub:

pandoc \
"0_Front/0_Cover.md" \
"0_Front/1_Credits.md" \
"0_Front/2_Foreword.md" \
"0_Front/3_Introduction.md" \
"1_Efficiency/0_Efficiency.md" \
"1_Efficiency/1_Project Organization.md" \
"1_Efficiency/2_Take Deliberate Breaks When You Work.md" \
"1_Efficiency/3_Template Driven Design.md" \
"1_Efficiency/4_Your Library Of Resources.md" \
"1_Efficiency/5_Weekly Review.md" \
"2_Skills/2.0_Skills.md" \
"2_Skills/2.1_Capture/0_Capture.md" \
"2_Skills/2.2_Produce/0_Produce.md" \
"2_Skills/2.3_Export/0_Export.md" \
"3_Reference/3.0_Reference.md" \
"4_Back/1_Whats Next?.md" \
"4_Back/2_Who Am I.md" \
"4_Back/3_Resources.md" \
"4_Back/4_References.md" \
-o "GAD.epub" \
-N \
-f markdown+raw_html+markdown_in_html_blocks \
--epub-metadata="Assets/metadata.xml" \
--epub-stylesheet="Assets/style.css" \
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Please add a minimum, complete, verifiable example. –  Chris Jul 2 at 13:47
How does your command line look like? –  Hannes Jul 4 at 6:28

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