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What are the Validate::label and Validate::labels functions for in Kohana 3? What are they meant to be used for?

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i guess to print out the validation errors inside the <label> tag

labels() sets many fields with an array and label() sets one field

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Could you give an example? –  Svish Mar 16 '10 at 10:26

When you use the Validation class, the label() and labels() methods are to set the labels of the fields for the error messages. Taken this code:

$user = ORM::Factory('user');

// Don't forget security, make sure you sanitize the $_POST data as needed

// Validate any other settings submitted
$extra_validation = Validation::factory(
    array('password' => Arr::get($_POST, 'password'),
        'password_confirm' => Arr::get($_POST, 'password_confirm'))

$extra_validation->rule('password_confirm', 'matches', array(':validation', 'password_confirm', 'password'))->label('password_confirm', 'Password confirm');

    // success
catch (ORM_Validation_Exception $e)
    $errors = $e->errors(TRUE);
    // failure

Loot at ->label('password_confirm', 'Password confirm'), it sets how the field is named in the error message that you get when you do $errors = $e->errors(TRUE);. I hope it's clear. If not, let me know.

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