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When finding and replacing across a large repository, I get a bunch of files with a typechange status. These are mostly symlinks.

Rather than

git checkout -- eachfile.name

Is there a way to reset only typechange files?

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In most times its better to remove symlinks from your repository. If you work under different operating systems its a problem to have the links in your repository.

When you remove it and set it to a new location your file is modified.

Some Java Git client have problems with symlinks. They try to follow them and you get an error. I had this problem with the Jenkins client.

To add all symlinks to the .gitignore you can run the following command under Linux

find /your/directory -type l >> .gitignore

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Not adding symlinks to git is definitely good practice. Unfortunately, in this repository the workflow is to branch off, commit, then merge request. The master branch is production; and I don't have access to commit directly to it or change untracked files in it. The use case is for versioning libraries. That is to symlink a 'current' folder to the current version of jQuery as an example. For when jquery updates, I drop the new version and symlink the 'current' dir to it. The allows me to update a library without changing html refs through a ton of files. –  iphipps Jul 2 at 19:41

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