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I wrote a Mac app that turns Desktop icons visible/invisible. I use NSTask to run a terminal command to reset the Finder:

- (void)killFinder
    NSTask *killFinderTask = [[NSTask alloc]init];
    NSArray *killFinderArray = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"Finder", nil];
    [killFinderTask setLaunchPath:@"/usr/bin/killall"];
    [killFinderTask setArguments:killFinderArray];
    [killFinderTask launch];
    [killFinderTask waitUntilExit];

Before turning on Sandboxing, it runs alright. When I turn on Sandboxing, a message in console said:

killall: warning: kill -TERM 46676: Operation not permitted

My app still runs but the result is not correct. The part which reset the Finder is not run. How do I circumvent this issue so that I can still use Sandboxing but the task is still run?

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I don't think you can. At least I hope you can't, else it's not much of a sandbox. –  trojanfoe Jul 2 at 14:26
Your app can't reach out of sandbox, that is why you can't. Even if you achieve this your app will be rejected. –  mohacs Jul 2 at 14:54
Are you submitting your app to Mac app store ? –  GoodSp33d Jul 3 at 6:08
I wish to but it seems like it is not possible. So I can only distribute outside Mac App Store. –  Standstill Jul 4 at 12:45

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