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To unit test a class I'd like to create a mock of a SimpleXMLElement object. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to do this. I'd usually go about this as follows:

class XmlTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
    public function testSimpleXmlMock()
        $mock = $this

        $this->assertInstanceOf('SimpleXMLElement', $mock);

This formula works when mocking other classes (e.g. DOMDocument), but it doesn't work for SimpleXMLElement. Running the test produces the following error:

1) XmlTest::testSimpleXmlMock
unserialize(): Node no longer exists

I'm using PHPUnit 4.1.3. I've tried various combinations of options on the mock builder, including passing an XML string as a parameter to the constructor, but can't find a combination that works.

How can I create a mock SimpleXMLElement object?

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The class "SimpleXMLElement" is an implementation of "Traversable" interface. You can easily mock it and the dependency injection can be based on the interface... it is not the ideal solution but it works.

private function getMockSimpleXmlElement()
    $mock = $this

    return $mock;

Otherwise you should create a class which wraps the class and functionality of "SimpleXMLElement" you need... and then inject the wrapper class.

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