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My use case is that I need to post a request with parameters from the current session of the browser.

Example: I am in page 1, without navigating to page 2, I need to post details (Like URL, post parameter, headers, etc) to get page 3 directly. This should be happening in a real browser in the current session of page 1. Also, with the response of page 3, further navigation should happen as usual.

Kindly let me know is there any browser plugin there to do or any other suggestion.

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What language are you writing in? Got a code sample of what you've tried so far and why it isn't working? –  Tripp Kinetics Jul 2 '14 at 15:39
I am not a developer of that website.I am the user of that website and using via browser (Firefox). To make it clear, I not trying to get it via code, i need to get it with real time browser –  Selva Jul 3 '14 at 4:49

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