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I'm in the design stage for a rally racing replay website. I'm starting with data in a csv file with time, lat, long, alt, velocity. In addition, there is an audio file containing the instructions said during the race.

Overall, my goal is to make a webpage which can replay the race with a car model. In addition, I would like to show a plot of the lat, long, alt, and velocity. Lastly, I would like to be able to play the audio.

My main question is should approach this problem as a touring problem or an animation problem?

If I approach this problem like an animation problem, I can generate a kml file with time stored under gx:TimeStamp. Then I can show an animation of the race. None of the animation examples have a progress bar at the bottom, so I don't think animations have a progress bar at the bottom.

If I approach is like a touring problem, I can replay the race as a tour. But, I don't see any google earth plugin tour examples with timestamps.

In summary, here are the questions I have -

  • Is there a benefit to approaching this as a tour or animation problem?
  • Which option will make synching an audio file and plots with the "video" easier?


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I would try and mock both up an see which works best for you. Without seeing the dataset you are working with it is really hard to say what the best option is as both are feasible options given the information provided. –  Fraser Jul 4 at 15:40

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