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I am trying to create an listener for tabpanel on Onselect event when a tab is selected. And I using below code.

It always alerts as -1, when any tab is selected. Can anyone please suggest any input on this.

eventTab.addListener(Events.Select, new Listener<TabPanelEvent>() {
              public void handleEvent(TabPanelEvent be) { 
                       Window.alert(" selected tab index is"+be.getSelectedItem().getTabIndex()); 
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GWT - You can get selected tab by using addSelectionHandler. Try this code,

tabPanel.addSelectionHandler(new SelectionHandler<Integer>(){
  public void onSelection(SelectionEvent<Integer> event){
   int tabId = event.getSelectedItem();
   Widget tabWidget = tabpanel.getWidget(tabId);


    eventTab.addListener(Events.Select, new Listener<ComponentEvent>() {
      public void handleEvent(ComponentEvent be) {
         Window.alert(" selected tab index is"+ be.getTabIndex());
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You are adding listener for single tab. so getting only one index. Add listener to all tabs and add components based on that. – npprasanth Jul 3 '14 at 12:56

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