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I have an input dataframe/datatable looking something like this:

ID location jobid
X   city1    1
X   city1    2
Y   city2    3
Y   city3    4
Z   city1    5
X   city1    6

And I want to return those lines in which the values ID and location are duplicated in consecutive rows, together with a count (something like uniq -c in bash for selected columns): desired output:

ID location count 
X   city1     2

Any idea how to do this in R? I treid cumsum, rle but cannot get it right.. Thanks!

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Quick'n'dirty solution :

DF <- 

count <- rle(paste(DF$ID,DF$location,sep='|'))$lengths

res <- cbind(DF[cumsum(count),c('ID','location')],count)

> res
  ID location   count
2  X    city1       2
3  Y    city2       1
4  Y    city3       1
5  Z    city1       1
6  X    city1       1

and if you want only those lines having consecutive duplicates, just filter res :

res[res$count > 1,]

>  ID location   count
2  X    city1       2
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