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This builds upon my previous thread here. Please visit the thread for some posted reference code and problem overview.

My new issue is: I am using a default value for the Kendo grid to overcome the previous issue. However, when I click "Update" to create the new record, the FemaleCategoryKey field says "null", and the ModelState.IsValid is false, so the new record is never saved to the database. enter image description here.

The new code for the Kendo grid looks like this:

.ToolBar(toolbar =>
.DataSource(dataSource => dataSource
            .Model(item => { item.Id(m => m.FemaleAdviceKey); item.Field(m => m.Category).DefaultValue(new com.RomanceCoachOnTheGo.MVC.Models.FemaleCategory() { FemaleCategoryKey = 1 }); })
.Create(c => c.Action("CreateFemaleAdvice", "Administrator"))
            .Read(r => r.Action("ReadFemaleAdvice", "Administrator"))
            .Update(u => u.Action("UpdateFemaleAdvice", "Administrator"))
            .Destroy(d => d.Action("DeleteFemaleAdvice", "Administrator"))
.Columns(col =>
                col.Bound(c => c.FemaleCategoryKey).ClientTemplate("#= Category.Title #");
                col.Bound(c => c.Title);
                col.Bound(c => c.Description);
                col.Bound(c => c.Body);
                col.Command(command => { command.Edit(); command.Destroy(); });
    .Editable(editing => editing.Mode(GridEditMode.PopUp))


How do I properly use .DefaultValue to get this to work? Or is my issue somewhere else?

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