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I am invoking a grid with a custom add button in the caption bar. I have a column in the grid with a hyperlink.

The hyperlink I am calling as:

 var cal="<a href='javascript: showSubList("+headerID+")'>"+headerID+"</a>";

I am invoking the add row as:

    rowID : "new_row",
    initdata : {},
    position :"first",
    useDefValues : true,
    useFormatter : false,
    //addRowParams : {extraparam:{}}
    keys : false,

//var sav='<img style="padding-top:2px;" src="jq/img/save1.gif"  
                             // height="16" width="16" >';

var sav='<a href="javascript: saveAddList()"><img style="padding-top:2px;" 
               src="jq/img/save1.gif"  height="16" width="16" ></a>';

var can='<a href="javascript: cancel()"><img style="padding-top:2px;" 
              src="jq/img/cancel.png"  height="16" width="16" ></a>';


with a save and cancel buttons in the row.

when I click on the cancel button, the hyperlink column is showing all appended valued as 18)'>18)'>18)'>18)'>18 where ID is 18... what am I doing wrong?

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Is it possible to create an example using – caspian Jul 3 '14 at 18:16

setRowData is for updating values. Based on how you say 'add rows' but do a setRowData, try addRowData(rowId, data). Also, based on the documentation there is no addRow method. Change to $('#jqid').addRowData(rowId, { colName: value }, position) Use AddRowData's 3rd parameter to set the position in the grid.

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