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What are some of the lesser know, but important and useful features of Windows batch files?


  • One feature per answer
  • Give both a short description of the feature and an example, not just a link to documentation
  • Limit answers to native funtionality, i.e., does not require additional software, like the Windows Resource Kit

Clarification: We refer here to scripts that are processed by cmd.exe, which is the default on WinNT variants.

(See also: Windows batch files: .bat vs .cmd?)


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Extract random lines of text

@echo off

:: Get time (alas, it's only HH:MM xM

for /f %%a in ('time /t') do set zD1=%%a

:: Get last digit of MM

set zD2=%zD1:~4,1%

:: Seed the randomizer, if needed

if not defined zNUM1 set /a zNUM1=%zD2%

:: Get a kinda random number

set /a zNUM1=zNUM1 * 214013 + 2531011

set /a zNUM2=zNUM1 ^>^> 16 ^& 0x7fff

:: Pull off the first digit

:: (Last digit would be better, but it's late, and I'm tired)

set zIDX=%zNUM2:~0,1%

:: Map it down to 0-3

set /a zIDX=zIDX/3

:: Finally, we can set do some proper initialization

set /a zIIDX=0

set zLO=

set zLL=""

:: Step through each line in the file, looking for line zIDX

for /f "delims=@" %%a in (c:\lines.txt) do call :zoo  %zIDX%  %%a

:: If line zIDX wasn't found, we'll settle for zee LastLine

if "%zLO%"=="" set zLO=%zLL%

goto awdun

:: See if the current line is line zIDX


:: Save string of all parms

set zALL=%*

:: Strip off the first parm (sure hope lines aren't longer than 254 chars)

set zWORDS=%zALL:~2,255%

:: Make this line zee LastLine

set zLL=%zWORDS%

:: If this is the line we're looking for, make it zee LineOut

if {%1}=={%zIIDX%} set zLO=%zWORDS%

:: Keep track of line numbers

set /a zIIDX=%zIIDX% + 1

goto :eof


echo ==%zLO%==

:: Be socially responsible

set zALL=

set zD1=

set zD2=

set zIDX=

set zIIDX=

set zLL=

set zLO=

:: But don't mess with seed

::set zNUM1=

set zNUM2=

set zWORDS=
Downrated, this isn't a hidden feature; it's a meaningless batch. You also use way too much whitespace, used a homegrown method of extracting time instead of just using %TIME%, made your own random seed for no apparent reason instead of using %RANDOM%, and removed variables by hand instead of just using SETLOCAL and ENDLOCAL. – Coding With Style Jul 5 '09 at 23:30

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