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I am trying to create an apps script that will post onto Google+.

From here:

function createPost() {
  var userId = 'me';
  var post = {
    object: {
      originalContent : 'Happy Monday! #caseofthemondays'
    access: {
      items: [{
        type: 'domain'
      domainRestricted: true

  post = PlusDomains.Activities.insert(post, userId);
  Logger.log('Post created with URL: %s', post.url);

But I get an error:

Forbidden (line 15, file "Code")

Linke 15 is "post = PlusDomains.Activities.insert(post, userId);"

I have already authorized the g+ domain from the script and from the developers console.

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It works. Also has to be turned on from within Resources >> Advanced Google Services in the script editor. You're trying it from a domain email though, right? –  Bryan P Jul 3 '14 at 5:52
I am using a gmail account (ex username@gmail.com) –  VegasFun Jul 14 '14 at 15:18

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