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I'm writing code to establish a telnet session to a router. I saw a similar thread where the solution was to download the package and set the class path to point to the jar files. I did that.

I have commons-net-3.3 and commons-net-3.3-source and commons-net-examples-3.3 in the jdk/lib folder. i have configured the classpath variable to point here.

Based on another thread I read, I also installed the ant-commons-net-1.8.1 jar file.

In spite of this when I compile my code, it shows the same error:

package org.apache.commons.net.telnet does not exist

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So either your classpath is incorrect, the versions of the JAR you have are not compatible, or you don't have that class. –  Peter Lawrey Jul 2 at 19:47
classpath should point to the location of the jar files correct? my class path variable points there.. as for compatibility issues, how do i know which version to download? –  mv93 Jul 2 at 20:14
I use maven and it makes sure the right versions are downloaded and added to the class path. You need to include the path of the JAR itself, not just the directory the JAR is in. –  Peter Lawrey Jul 2 at 20:18
Thanks. I used the wild card character to include all the jar files in the folder.. –  mv93 Jul 2 at 20:53

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