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I'm running Django 1.2 beta and trying out the new feature: message framework.


Everything seems to work, but when I try to output the messages, I get nothing. Seems that messages variable is empty. I double checked all the settings, they seem to be just like in the manual. What could be wrong?


    'django.contrib.messages.middleware.MessageMiddleware', #send messages to users

    #debug tool

    'django.contrib.messages.context_processors.messages', #send messages to users

#Store messages in sessions
MESSAGE_STORAGE = 'django.contrib.messages.storage.session.SessionStorage';


    #my apps


def myview(request):

    from django.contrib import messages

    messages.error(request, 'error test');   
    messages.success(request, 'success test');   

    return render_to_response('mytemplate.html', locals()); 


{% for message in messages %}
        {{ message }}<br />
{% endfor %}

In template nothing is outputted.

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You'll need to use a RequestContext in your call to render_to_response.

return render_to_response('mytemplate.html', locals(),

See the note a few screens down under this documentation section.

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Tkank you! Needed to add from django.template import RequestContext as well – Silver Light Mar 16 '10 at 12:02

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