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i am using nodejs v0.10.28 on ubuntu 12LTS, am trying to make a request to https enable site behind a web proxy using this test code:

 var http = require("http");

    var options = {
        host: "mycompany.proxy.host",
        port: 8088,
        //host: "https://login.launchpad.net",
        //port: 443,
        //path: "/",
        headers: {
           Host: "login.launchpad.net"
     http.get(options, function(res) {
     }).on('error', function(e) {

but am not sure what are the correct option params to use to make a successful HTTP GET

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what errors do you get? –  soulcheck Jul 2 at 21:02
You may find it easier to use request - github.com/mikeal/request - which is a wrapper around Node’s HTTP/HTTPS functionality, and it has proxy support. –  Nate Jul 2 at 21:29
..thanks this tip about request let me closer to the answer.. –  migmaqer Jul 7 at 2:33

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You should be using node https instead of http module for making https requests. Otherwise the server will most likely reset your connection, and an ECONNRESET error will be caught by the error handler.

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this and Nate's tip helped me a lot... –  migmaqer Jul 7 at 2:36

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