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I would like to allow users to play recorded WAV files that stored on a server back to a Silverlight application as a client to play them. I saw that there is a way to play a WAV file on Silverlight (here), but when i tried to impliment it, i got an error playing the file because it is not in PCM format but encoded.

The files that i'm trying to play are encoded with a special encoder, so i thought that the only way is to decode the WAV file on the server and stream it back to the client. The limitation is that the decode process should occur in real time because it is not reasonable to convert all the WAV files that exists.

Is it possible to do it? Which streamer can i use? (Windows Media Service can help here?) Does somebody has any experience with such a scenario?

Appreciate your help.

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This example http://alvas.net/alvas.audio,tips.aspx#tip24 "..way via a web page to convert a saved Wav file to MP3.." Converting to PCM even easier. You just need replace AudioCompressionManager.MpegLayer3FormatTag to AudioCompressionManager.PcmFormatTag

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you would be best off streaming as MP3 since PCM WAV is very inefficient. You should check out Sox, which may well be able to perform the conversion you require on the fly.

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