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I am trying out the ria services and I am experiencing this problem that seems very strange to me.

I am creating a new entity of type House and add it to context without saving the context so the id of the new entity is 0, after I remove this entity and add another new entity of type "House" again and again without saving the context.

Here comes the weird part - now I have an entity of type City which holds entityset of all Houses in that city, so to put the newly created entity House into the city I do something like this:

house.City = city 

where house is of type House and city is of type City, after this step a check the context and suddenly there are 2 entities of type House with id 0, one of them is the one I have deleted at the beginning.

Any idea what is causing this and how to fix it??

thank you Greg

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Can you show your code, please? –  Craig Stuntz Mar 16 '10 at 12:52
Your question is hard to follow. You may want to revise it for clarity. A code sample would help with this. –  Jeremiah Mar 19 '10 at 15:10

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