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I have a multiple select item in a Form. According to Play Framework's documentation, I need 'repeated values' to make all the selected options fit into a List[String] property of my data structure.

case class MyFormData (
  fq_cset:  Option[List[String]]

val myForm: Form[MyFormData] = Form(
     "fq_cset" -> optional(list(text))
)(MyFormData.apply _)(MyFormData.unapply _) 

I quote Play's documentation:

When you are using repeated data like this, the form values sent by the browser must be named emails[0], emails[1], emails[2], etc.

I cannot figure out how to name the values like mentioned above. I tried to create a select element like this one

<select name="fq_cset">
  <option name="fq_cset[0]" value="A" selected="selected">Value A</option>
  <option name="fq_cset[1]" value="B"                    >Value B</option>
  <option name="fq_cset[2]" value="C" selected="selected">Value C</option>
  <option name="fq_cset[3]" value="D"                    >Value D</option>

but after submitting the form I see in the URL


instead of


The absence of the indexes enclosed in square brackets, prevents the correct binding of the parameters in the List[String] property named fq_cset in MyFormData class.

How can I get this to work properly? Is this the right approach to get what I need or I misunderstood the documentation?

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That documentation doesn't really apply to multiple select elements. You want to set the name of the select to fq_cset[]. Don't set name on option, that doesn't do anything. Also, you forgot multiple on your select. See this for an example. – wingedsubmariner Jul 2 '14 at 23:06
Thanks, it works splendidly – Max Jul 3 '14 at 20:08

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