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Whenever I try export my game (which works fine in Eclipse) to a runnable JAR file, it will not create a runnable JAR file, just a folder containing the projects data. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

I have tried following methods in Eclipse:

File->Export->Runnable JAR file->Extract required libaries into generated JAR.

File->Export->Runnable JAR file->Package required libaries into generated JAR.

with launch configuration:

DesktopLauncher - "game"-dektop.

But I just can't get it as a runnable JAR file.

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What do you mean with you just get a folder? It did not create an .jar ? –  donfuxx Jul 3 at 17:48
Nope, it didn't create a jar-file just a folder with an .jar extension. But I found a solution for it. By zipping the folder and run it in jarsplice turned it into a working runnable file. –  user3795963 Jul 3 at 21:48

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