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Please help. when running the code with an console.log statement it puts numbers in prompt snd then logs the answer separately, return statement is invalid apparently.

prompt("You begin to move but as you evade most of the bullets some of them hit your " +          bodyPart + " you begin to feel the blood shushing out, As people realize what happened there begins to be chaos. You look at the direction of the bullets to find 3 guys with heavy weaponry. They are almost done reloading. will you take COVER behind a table, RUN out of the place, or... suddenly you hear the girl telling you 'Take cover'... FIGHT them?").toUpperCase()

var bodyPart = Math.random()
                            if (bodyPart > .75){
                                bodyPart = "Right Arm"
                            else if (bodyPart > .50){
                                bodyPart= "Left Arm"
                            else if (bodyPart >.25){
                               bodyPart = "Right Leg"
                              bodyPart = "Left Leg"
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Please be more descriptive, possibly post the entire code, and maybe even post a jsfiddle showing the issue live. – battletoilet Jul 2 '14 at 23:14
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Change the order of your commands so you pprint the body part after you pick it. Right now you are printing the penultimate bodypart.

var bodyPartRoll = Math.Random();
var bodyPart;
if (bodyPartRoll > 0.75.){
   bodyPart = "Right Arm";
}else if(...){


I also created a separate varialbe to store the result of Math.Random(). This isn't required but I think its confusing to use one variable for two things. Additionally, I would recommend adding semicolons at the end of your lines if you don't know how automatic semicolon insertions works in Javascript.

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Perhaps you should use two variables. One called randomNumber and one called bodyPart. Then you won't be changing types and you should also have a clearer distinction between the two.

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