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I'm trying to translate the mips pseudo instruction rol (rotate left). I need to translate it before I can submit an assignment, which is unfortunate because the pseudo instruction worked quite well for me.

The instruction was,

      rol   $s4,$s4, 1  #goes to the left most bit (which as it says, gets the left most bit)

the way I translated it was,

       lui $s4, 0x8001     
       ori $t0, $s4, 0x0004
       srl $s4, $t0, 31
       sll $s5, $t0, 1
       or $s5, $s5, $s3

but it completely messes up my code, can someone please help me translate it correctly? Or tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you in advance,

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You used $s3 instead of $s4 on the last line. I assume the first two instructions are not part of the rotate. – Jester Jul 2 '14 at 23:29
that was a typo on my behalf when i typed this pseudo code, the registers are correct in the code, it's the translation that's incorrect :\ – user201535 Jul 2 '14 at 23:31
Also you are rotating $t0 not $s4 and the result is in $s5. So, not a drop-in replacement for the original instruction. Please edit the code to show what you actually have. – Jester Jul 2 '14 at 23:32

It looks like you swapped quite a few things.

The instruction format is:

inst rd, rs1, rs2

So your code should be:

lui $s4, 0x8001     
ori $s4, $t0, 0x0004
sll $s5, $s4, 1
srl $s4, $s4, 31
or $s4, $s5, $s4

Also you use the srl which is good. That one ignores the sign. Note, however, that I first shift to s5, then shift $s4.

Also I save the result in $s4 since your rol would do that (and not save in $s5.)

Also, to properly simulate your rol, you most certainly should use $t1 (register 1, temporary) and not $s5 unless you want to save $s5 on your stack and then restore it...

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Actually 'rol/ror' is only pseudo-instrations for ISAs before mips32r2 / mips64r2. Release 2 added hardware support for these instructions.

You can always look at rol32 / ror32 in bitops.h in Linux for a C implementation and then dissasemble it.

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