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I'm in urgent need of an Objective-C/Cocoa/Cocoa Touch framework to handle simple charting; pie chards, histograms etc.

The only thing that comes close is:


But it seems to be quite an early release and not maintained.

Has anyone created or used such a framework or library.

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I use core-plot. See this blog post for a tutorial.

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core plot is good. Moreover it is being actively developed, so you can actually get in touch with the developer and have issues addressed quickly. –  futureelite7 Mar 16 '10 at 12:43
Core Plot is an outstanding project. The past year I have faced the prospect that I was going to have to do all of this by hand. (I'm writing an application that compares metagenomic DNA sequences and graphs the results). Core Plot while still a small project currently fills a niche that I think is only going to grow, especially in the scientific community. List of blog posts on using it from their own wiki here –  Rick Schmidt Mar 16 '10 at 13:15

I'll echo the suggestion of core-plot, and add some additional plotting references that may be of interest:


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you can have a look at DSBarChart. It is a tiny library for creating Histograms.

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