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I'd like to know if it's possible to refactor this code into something shorter (one line?).

List<String> get actionOutcomes {
  List result = new List();
  _actions.forEach((Action a) { result.add(a.outcome) });
  return result;
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You can use List.map and then build a new List from the resulting Iterable:

List<String> get actionOutcomes => new List.from(_actions.map((e) => e.outcome));
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Thanks! That is what I was looking for! api.dartlang.org/apidocs/channels/stable/dartdoc-viewer/… –  Daniel Jul 3 at 3:43
Alternative without the "new": _actions.map((e)=>e.outcome).toList(). –  lrn Jul 3 at 16:18
Yes, the .toList() creates a new List from the "Lazy Iterator" returned by the .map(). –  Daniel Jul 4 at 0:55

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