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I am testing out my code which used Spring Security with Jetty through Maven's Jetty Plugin.

In Spring Security, I am connecting to LDAP through a custom User Detail Service.

What I can observe is, when I first connect to my web app through browser, it prompt me for login (because I have set up security handler in Jetty). However for subsequent call to the RESTful WS in my web app, although it is not prompting me for login, it connects to LDAP every time. Normally the Security Context should be saved in HTTP Session and subsequent call should not go through Spring Security's authentication manager again.

What even more strange is, if exception is thrown in my web service, Security Context will be saved to HTTP session successfully and all subsequent web service calls will act as expected: No more LDAP call.

By briefly looking into code of Jetty's SessionHandler, line 183-203, it seems that Jetty is more strict in saving the Session in normal flow, but checking in case of exception is much looser, which cause the above mentioned behavior.

Some search on the web seems suggest that, it is caused by creating session (by request.getSession()) before the response is committed. I have explicitly removed my code of calling getSession() and getSession(true). Problem still persists. Seems that the way Spring Security getting the session is still not working well with Jetty.

No matter in Spring Security's SecurityContextPersistenceFilter, I have "allowSessionCreation" be true or not for the repository, problem still persists:

<bean id="securityContextPersistenceFilter"
    <property name='securityContextRepository'>
        <bean class='org.springframework.security.web.context.HttpSessionSecurityContextRepository' >
            <!-- removed the following line and still have problem -->
            <property name='allowSessionCreation' value='true' />  

Just want to check, is there anything in Spring Security need to configure to make it works?

Tested on Jetty 6 and Jetty 8 plugin.

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just want to know if it is something expected or I seem doing something wrong? –  Adrian Shum Jul 7 '14 at 5:54

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