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I'm beginning to think my brain is playing a cruel joke on me, why on earth is 15/6 returning 2.0?

You can test here, http://ideone.com/xUaYEF.

    double average = 15/6;
    System.out.println("value: "+average);

And everytime, the output is,

value: 2.0

Last I checked with a calculator and google 15/6 is 2.5.

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double average = 15/6.0;

Division of int by int will return an int. That is why you get 2. Then, as you declared it as a double, it would add the .0 at the end.

If you divide a double by double (15/6.0, 15.0/6, or 15.0/6.0) it will come out as a double.

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