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I am using django form wizard, which requires a done method as such.

def done(self, form_list, **kwargs):
    #Making an instance of Location
    location = Location(    
        manager = User.objects.get(username=request.user.username)
        #more stuff

Except I am getting the following error:

global name 'request' is not defined on line (the line with manager assignment)

Not really sure what I could do to solve this problem. Should I just insert request into the done method? would that even make sense? How do other people handle this?

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def done(self,request, form_list, **kwargs) in your parameter –  sundar nataraj Сундар Jul 3 at 5:05
I think you can use request by calling self.request –  ruddra Jul 3 at 5:23

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You can refer the request as self.request in class based views and form wizard. Update your line to

location = Location(             #-------v
    manager = User.objects.get(username=self.request.user.username)
    #more stuff
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Brilliant, thank you. –  ApathyBear Jul 3 at 5:48

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