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I am new to hadoop.While working on the samples I came to know that OutputCollector of reducer write the output(part-0000) for each key and value pair by appending it.

For eg: my k-v pair for reducer is sachin#mumbai then reducer will write at part-0000 as sachin mumbai Then other k-v pair is rajni#chennai then reducer append part-0000 as

 sachin mumbai
 rajni chennai

What my doubt is it possible to write the output(all k-v pairs)only once

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Why do you need this? I don't know if such a method exists, but I believe that you would need to use a buffer and store the whole output in memory, until there are no more values in the reduce method. Then, somehow, print the whole buffer at once. Maybe a stupid solution would be to append this output in one (or two, separating keys from values) String(s) and collect those as a single output key (and value). With Big Data, you would soon get out of memory... – vefthym Jul 4 '14 at 14:53

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