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I am passing list of ids from ajax to the server and I to create a relationship between a particular node and each node with an id in the list. I am doing this --->

WITH [{passedString}] AS interests FOREACH (r IN range(0,size(interests)
| CREATE (n)-[f:LIKES]->(m) where n.strEmailId = {passedEmailId} 
and id(m) = r % size(interests)).

But it returns an error. Please help.


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Maybe you can add a bit more information about the error you get, version of Neo4j etc. But for now, the latest version of Neo4j adds UNWIND. I think you can use it for these kind of things. Next to that, please use some kind of functional ID instead of the node ids. WITH [4,1] AS interests UNWIND interests as r MATCH (n {strEmailId: "fwwe"}), (m {functionalId: r}) CREATE (n)- [f:LIKES]->(m) –  Ron van Weverwijk Jul 3 '14 at 6:53
unfortunately my firm is using neo4j 2.0.0 so unwind is not supported. –  user3526565 Jul 3 '14 at 7:12

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