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How to count the pixels between 0 to 10 and 240 to 255 for an image in OpenCV using histograms

I tried this but couldn't get it. kindly help me please..

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int lower = 0; int middle=0; int upper = 0; for each pixel: {if(pixelVal<=10) lower++; if((pixelVal >= 240)&&(pixelVal <= 255)) upper++; if((pixelVal > 10)&&(pixelVal < 240)) middle++;} which is some kind of simple histogram. If you want to use openCV histogram functions, have a look at docs.opencv.org/doc/tutorials/imgproc/histograms/… there you will have to change the "uniform" parameter to false and the "ranges". have a look at docs.opencv.org/modules/imgproc/doc/histograms.html –  Micka Jul 3 at 7:15

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Forget histograms, use this instead:

Mat im = imread("myImage.jpg");
cout << countNonZero((im<11)) << endl; // Number of pixels under 11 (0-10)
cout << countNonZero((im>239)) << endl; // Number of pixels over 239 (240-255)

Hope that it helps!

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