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I log in by Putty (ssh) to FTP. Need to find in all files this string style="position:absolute;top:-8888px;left:-2900px;z-index:0;".

If I type:

grep 'position:absolute;top:-8888px;' 

it gave me some results. Then try to save to a file 'raport.txt' like this:

grep 'position:absolute;top:-8888px;' * -R >>raport.txt 

Permissions are 777.

Grep only creates the file and saves nothing. What am I doing wrong?

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I have tried what you said and it is working. Your problem has nothing to do with ssh or putty. Please add a sequence of what you type in your terminal and add ls -al command of your current directory. –  kranteg Jul 3 at 12:52
Search was too long and finnaly i get "killed" from grep. If i serach folder by folder, grep save to file. –  szwagier Jul 4 at 13:27

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grep 'position:absolute;top:-8888px;' * -R >>raport.txt 

It's possible that grep isn't searching all of the files that you expect it to, because the -R option (search subdirectories recursively) is in the wrong place. For most programs, including grep, options like -R should come before the non-option arguments.

In other words, try running it with -R at the beginning, like this:

grep -R 'position:absolute;top:-8888px;' * >>raport.txt
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