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I had to connect my Oracle 10g XE ( with Visual Studio 2012.

Since I found that 10g is not compatible now, so I want to migrate it to higher version - 12c.

I have successfully installed Oracle 12c Enterprise Edition, but it's upgrade assistant says that you have to upgrade your 10g ( to the version, then DB can be migrated to 12c.

Question: How to upgrade Oracle to ?

I couldn't find the patch links from internet, I have searched a lot on the internet but didn't not get an amazing solution that resolves my problem in one shot.

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This message is an error in the installer. It is applicable to other editions of Oracle (for example to a Standard Edition) but XE does not have such version as Even with an Oracle support contract paid, there is simply no such version on metalink. You need to export-import like described in this question.

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You need a metalink account to download this patch (legally); it's probably easier to export the database and import it into a fresh 12c instance.

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