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I would like to use gplotmatrix on a dataset data, which contains mixed data (numeric and strings). However, gplotmatrix works on numeric data, so I need to convert my dataset to a matrix. As far as I know, the only way is to do this is through


However, the second command throws an error, because C contains non-numeric columns. Is there a way to find which columns of a cell array are purely numeric? Thanks a lot,


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It works! I got the cellfun(@isnumeric,C) part working, but I didn't think of postprocessing it with all. Thanks! Any references to learn this stuff? –  DeltaIV Jul 3 at 13:08
Yes, google for "cellfun matlab", "function handle matlab", etc. :) –  Divakar Jul 3 at 13:11
Made an answer off the comment, before people around here poke me telling me to do so and also giving you the opportunity to exercise your "accepting-answer" powers :) –  Divakar Jul 3 at 15:25

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Use cellfun with @isnumeric function handle -

numeric_cols = find(all(cellfun(@isnumeric,C)))

Related useful pointers -

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