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If I have a layout called RightSideBar.blade.php in Laravel blade, one area yield('content') and the other yield('sidebar'). Is there a built in way to display a default partial if the view that is extending RightSideBar does not have a section('sidebar')? (I know you can pass a value by default, just wondering if there is a way to make default a partial)

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Was simple really, although the docs specified a default only as a string you can in fact pass a view @yield('sidebar', \View::make('defaultSidebar')) –  user3238419 Jul 10 at 16:27
If your comment was what you consider an answer, would be much better to post your comment as an answer. –  lozadaOmr Aug 15 at 14:21

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Yes you can pass a default

Looking at the documentation

@yield('sidebar', 'Default Content');

Which basically puts a default output when the child template does not have @section('sidebar')

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this is not correct. to render a partial you cant just pass a string, instead do as @user3238419 suggested above, doing View::make(pathtoview) –  Juan Aug 14 at 19:20
I think OP has mentioned that he is aware that he can do it as mentioned on the comment. Was my answer wrong because I stated an example as a string and not a blade? –  lozadaOmr Aug 14 at 23:27
yes because he explicitly said: "I know you can pass a value by default..", and also the question is asking for a partial, not a plain string. –  Juan Aug 15 at 14:08

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