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I want to disallow some payment methods while checkout onepagecontroller is in indexAction. I've tried like this:

$payments = Mage::getSingleton('payment/config')->getAllMethods();
    foreach($payments as $payment)
        $methodinstance = Mage::helper('payment')->getMethodInstance($payment->getCode());
        $methodinstance-> // here i want to set the protected $_canUseCheckout of the specific method class... maybe with __set(var, value) ? 

So is there a way to set the canUseCheckout of each method temporarily to false ? Maybe i don't have to use the vars.. maybe theres a function ? I didn't find such in the Model_Abstract Class of payment methods...

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you can disable any payment method. for disable payment method, go to payment method model which is you want disable and fine the protected $_canUseCheckout = true; please do false this variable and check it.

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Sure, but I want to change this variable while runtime of Magento. So in live mode. –  user3564050 Jul 7 '14 at 6:45

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