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When a colleague searchs under "People" tab in JIRA, the same user appears many times. But when I login as admin an go to "User management > Users" I only see this user once.

Do you know any method to avoid this?


PS: We're paying the 10 users license, it'll be a terrible surprise to be charged more for a mistake on my side!

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I recently encountered this problem.

If you are using OnDemand, contacting support seems to be the only option.

If you are hosted, find details here: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/CONFKB/Duplicates+in+the+People+Directory

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thanks, I'll contact support and inform here –  malarres Jul 11 at 9:53
great! they are going to use the solution (the link) you provided :-) –  malarres Jul 18 at 12:37
No worries, glad i could help. –  user1990366 Jul 18 at 12:38
Solved :) As a word of warning, a downtime for maintenance was needed, so it's better to schedule when you want this to be solved. –  malarres Jul 30 at 12:56

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