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hi i am new in sbt i am following this tutorial http://www.scala-sbt.org/0.13/tutorial/Hello.html i followed the same steps on the shell the program displays "hi" i am confused i don't have these files in my hello folder

  • Sources in src/main/scala or src/main/java
  • Tests in src/test/scala or src/test/java
  • Data files in src/main/resources or src/test/resources
  • jars in lib

and also i dont't have the build.sbt file i am following this tutorial as it is i have only hw.scala file and a target folder
mt scala version is 2.11.1 and sbt version is sbt 0.13.5
am i doing something wrong ?

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Just create build.sbt and write appropriate lines into it. Same goes for mentioned directories -- stock sbt does not create files and folders for you, but it has to recognize them, once they're there.

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do i have to create manually every time sbt does not create it ?? as in this tutorial –  user3801239 Jul 3 at 10:54
@user3801239 if you are going to use sbt alone, yes, you have to reproduce them for every new project. Having said this, you usually don't have to: e.g. Intellij IDEA will fill them for you, once you create new project, there is a g8 tool which spins new project from the template and so on. –  om-nom-nom Jul 3 at 10:56
ok thanks ..... –  user3801239 Jul 3 at 11:06

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