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I am a relative novice but will try to keep up with your answers!

I currently have a customer database on MS access (2003- gasp!) I would like to build a asp.net website so that customers can log in online, using asp's login functionality with ms sql database. I then want to link from the sql database with the login details to the customer data in the access database.

I am very comfortable with access, particularly around building queries to give me the data I want (I understand sql, but find it much easier to use the visual element of access to build the queries)

My question is how would I go about this? Do I need to migrate the database to SQL? If so I might have to recode lots of the functionality I have in the database.

Im am using VWD2012, MS SQL Server 2014 and Access 2003

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This example uses MVC, but the idea is the same with the ASP login classs as well. You can add the unique UserName created by the MS-SQL login to your MS-Access database.

For example, the built-in ASP Registration method will return new validated user information:

public ActionResult Register(RegisterModel model) {
  SaveUserNameInAccessDB(model.UserName); // An OLEDB function to save UserName in AccessDB - you can also create a cookie with the user name for automatic log-ons.

When the user logs in, you can use the entered UserName (or cookie) to find the customer in the AccessDB.

public ActionResult LogOn(LogOnModel model) {
    FetchCustomerFromAccessDB(model.UserName); // OLEDB function to associate UserName with the customer in your Access application.
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